FP. Integrated Migrated to Java

FP.Integrated is a production control application that I was developed 4 years ago. This application using Visual Basic 6.0 technologies (i still love it) and SQL Server 2000 as database.


Last week my client ask me how if it migrating to Java 😀 mmmm I plan to implement as web application using my-own-mcv-framework–>spring–>hibernate or using JBoss Seam for all mmmm… I still confuse 😦


3 Responses to FP. Integrated Migrated to Java

  1. mahbub says:

    creating a jsp file is not mendatory but how i run the project!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hendro Steven says:

    i not understand what you mean??? 😦

  3. agus says:

    aq punya masalah sama… bikin aplikasi pake VB 6, dg database ada sktr 50-an tabel. br belajar java, msh bingung pake framework. ini lg nyobain dynamictablemodel, dah berhasil mainan swing pake substance. 🙂 good luck dah…

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